Pictures - Seventh Month

First a couple of Isabelle trying to be helpful whilst feeding, then a few of her around the house - including some playing with a mirror. The next two are of her new high chair, and show her first meal in it. The creased photo has been 'Isabelled' - that and the next one really do capture the 'evil genius plotting world domination' side to the girl. Later we have a photo of Isabelle playing playstation, and the next (which wasn't posed) of her having got Dad's bank card out of his wallet. Not a good sign at this early age. The next four are from a trip to Stratford just before Christmas. We went with Anthea, who is shown standing next to Isabelle demontrating her first trip in her new baby carrier. Finally we have two photos of Isabelle in her grandparents house in Birmingham, showing some cleavage.