news - first year

Wednesday 18th June 2003, 11:20am

Just a quick follow up; Isabelle now wants to walk everywhere. Over the weekend she did a few longer walks of 15 or so steps, and now she's quite insistent about not crawling. She's good at bending down to pick things up off the floor, and can almost turn around whilst standing.

Also in the last couple of days she seems to have discovered a few new sounds; we've definately heard some gs, ds, and ts. Hopefully she'll not get bored of this new find...

Friday 13th June 2003, 2:15pm

Isabelle has spent the last couple of weeks on the verge of walking, after starting to move one foot forward whilst standing, which I first saw on the the 27th May. A couple of times after that she took a few steps, but most of the time she would chicken out and crawl or walk holding onto furniture. However, in the last few days she seems to have got a bit more confidence and has been taking a few steps quite frequently. I'm sure it won't be long until she really gets the hang of it...

We had the health visitor round at the start of this week to have a chat and check up on Isabelle. She was quite pleased with how Isabelle is, her social interaction and so on, but agreed that it made sense to refer her for a hearing test to make sure that the slow speech development isn't due to that.

Not too much to report otherwise, apart from that at the moment she's being a complete pickle when it comes to changing times at home; she refuses to lie down on her back, which can lead to a few problems.

Monday 19th May 2003, 12noon

After much time with nothing added to the site we've got two sets of photos from around Isabelle's birthday on the site, and another film almost finished in the camera to come.

Lots has happened with Isabelle. She wasn't quite walking and talking by her birthday; the walking is almost there, and the talking a way to go yet. She can stand up unaided for probably 5-10seconds now, although as soon as she realises that she is then she grabs hold of something or sits down. I think she's starting to realise that walking might be a good plan, so probably not too long to wait. She's very accomplished at walking around holding onto things; your hands, the furniture, or her walking trolley featured in some of the photos. It makes a loud clicking noise as it goes along; at the start it meant that you could tell when she was falling over since it would really accelerate and make a noise. Now she walks really quickly with it, it makes that noise all the time, until she walks into something more solid that she can push along. It got a little tedious turning her around at each end of the house, but she soon got the hang of walking it backwards which was a relief... Her latest trick is to try and crawl off the bed or sofa, requiring you to hold her legs whilst she walks forwards on her hands like she's doing a wheelbarrow race.

She now has 7 teeth - the 7th has just come through by the looks of it. She still doesn't like food with too many chunky bits in - they tend to get spat out, if you're lucky then she'll at least eat the rest of the mouthfull first, otherwise the whole lot comes out. Although since Easter she wasn't sleeping too well, waking up at about 2-3am for a feed, the last few days have got a lot better; last night she slept from about 8.45pm to 7am, with only the occasional noises. She's mastered the 'b' sound, although usually it comes out more like 'br', and recently she's getting the 'm' sound, and starting to hum. Fairly slow progress on the talking though.

I think her favourite games at the moment are pulling toys out of boxes and offering you toys - and sometimes the whole box as well. If it's a favourite toy, chances are she won't let go of it, but most things she'll let you have for a few seconds before she wants it back again. She will crawl all the way across the room to give you a toy though. Thankfully she's also now learnt the fun of putting toys back in the box again - she's got a large box of letters for making words with which is great for that. It does mean that the video, washing machine, etc are no longer really safe.

She loves playing with other people - a real change I noticed coming back from sailing over Easter. Even if you're just sat there, she's a lot happier than by herself. Even better if you want to play peek-a-boo; around other people, chairs, books, (clean) nappies, stair banisters, and basically anything that could get in the way. It started off you doing everything, but now she knows the game it's just as fun for her to duck down behind something then pop up and surprise you. Chairs are great, since you can look over the top, underneath, around the sides and even through the gap in the backrest.

Yesterday we took another footprints using poster paint. We've now got them from this time last year, at 10 days old, another set probably at about 6 months, and now at a year. Hand prints are another matter though, and she wasn't really in the mood to be *that* cooperative. We (the adults that is) tried to play a board game on the floor yesterday evening, but with Isabelle crawing around (being literally the center of attension) and playing with all the pieces, we had to just remember where all the counters were. I don't think anyone cheated...

Friday 10th January 2003, 2pm (8 months old today!)

We're now back in Cambridge and entrenched in nursery/teaching/writing after a great holiday in Birmingham over Christmas. We've had two more revolutions in moving around from Isabelle since the last entry. The first was developing 'commando' style crawling - crawling on her stomach by using her elbows on the ground in front, and rotating her hips to push off with her feet. Quite efficient really, and works on wooden and carpeted floors! That started the week before Christmas, but now has been joined by real crawling. After being able to get on her hands and knees for a while - and staying there rocking back and forward - she started to move her knees forward to crawl properly. After a few test runs of moving both knees together, trying out putting one leg completely straight (neither of which had much future to be honest), she's figured out the correct way to do it. Even though she could still commando crawl much faster, she'd always start off by trying to crawl properly, before falling onto her stomach and commandoing the rest of the way there. Now she's up to about 4 crawls (ie moving each knee twice) before falling down.

She's also just about mastered crawling over other people's legs, although she still gets stuck if the obsticle is too long or tall, and started to be interested to trying to climb stairs. She can manage to get herself standing, leaning over and holding on to the next step, but thankfully gets stuck at this point.

Her third tooth is through now, at the center at the top. About a day after it came through the gums she discovered she can grind her teeth, making quite a disgusting noise. Some of the novelty has worn off now, but it's still a bit disconcerting.

She's quite good and making fierce growling noises - usually when she's excited by something like a new toy or a cat. She really likes cats (apart from when they're asleep), and over the holidays was starting to chase them. Strictly a low speed pursuit on her part, accompanied by lots of growling, and usually with the cat sat still trying to ignore her. She's get to within about a foot away, then stop crawling, not quite sure what to do next. So she'd be making more noises at the cat, who finally would walk off leaving Isabelle to turn around and start all over again. She's also getting better at softer noises, stringing a few together to form some kind of proto-sentence. Finally she's also good at the 'breathy' effect of talking, making sounds without using her vocal chords.

Sunday 15th December 2002, 4pm (7 months old)

Lots to report since we haven't updated this site in a while. One nasty thing was that Isabelle had a case of impetigo, a skin infection which caused some scabs on her right ear, chin under that ear and on her chest on that shoulder. After waiting for a few days when it looked like it was improving, we went to the doctors and she had a course of antibiotics. Although giving her medicine was a complete nightmare, it had quite a quick effect and she was fine after a week. Apart from the medicine, it seemed to have no effect on her at all - still her cheery self, smiling at people. One side effect though, is that she hates having her teeth brushed now, where before (apart from trying to eat the toothbrush) it wasn't a problem.

The other big change has been moving around. After mastering rolling over and being happy on her front she was able to turn around on her front, especially on the wooden floor downstairs, and also push herself backwards. We're not sure if she realised she could do this, but several times she had to be rescued after pushing herself back into a corner she couldn't get out of. She soon realised that there were much more fun things to play with (rather than her nice brightly coloured toys designed for her age) like the hi-fi, chair legs, bags and remote control units. She's now pretty much monopolised the TV remote and woe betide anyone that doesn't mind the sound off, channel changed or just the whole thing turned off.

In the last couple of days she's now learnt how to move forwards, and is now moving around with quite a bit of purpose and intent. It's not crawling, although over the last week she's learnt how to get onto her hands and knees, but just dragging herself forwards using her hands on the floor. Not sure how this technique will stand up to carpets, but I'm sure she'll figure it out.

Given the chance she sleeps quite well, about 12 hours at night and a couple of 2 hour naps during the day. She generally cries for 5-10 minutes after being put to bed during the daytime before going to sleep. Lastly, the range of noises she's making has grown. She went through a week or two of making a 'r' sound - coupled with opening and closing her mouth like a goldfish. She's almost making a quiet 'p' sound now, and can also kind of sing and scream quite well.