36 Week Checkup

Yesterday we had our 36 week checkup with the midwife. She, and her current student midwife came and visitied us at home. Both of them, Jo and Paula, have got their mobile numbers on our form so they'll be called into the hospital when we go in. That's great, since we know now who will be there for the birth.

We talked about the birth plan; what kind of pain relief Caroline wants, all that kind of thing. Nothing too surprising really: I think we'll generally take it as it comes since neither of us have any idea of what it will be like. The check up involved checking blood pressure and a urine sample, both of which were (as normal) fine. Both of them then had a quick prod around Caroline's stomach to see how the baby was lying. Good news since it's the right way around; head down and lying with its back to her front. Looking at Caroline's stomach, you can make out where its bum is (top left as you look) and its back is (right hand side). They estimated that the baby is 2/5th engaged; that means that 60% of its head is inside Caroline's pelvis - that explains the frequent nocturnal visits to the bathroom!

They also had a listen to the heartbeat, which was around 140 beats per minute. They used a sonicaid, but even just putting my ear to her stomach in the right place I can hear it. Quite reassuring really, but you get the feeling that before long you'll be listening in every few minutes just to see if it's still okay...

So everything is pretty much going to plan. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions of names and comments. I can't yet reveal all, but we're getting there with choosing. The due date is the end of this month (April), but anytime from the middle of April to the middle of May is quite likely, with the later end more probable.