news - first week

Wed 15th May 2002, 5:10pm

Probably the last daily update for a bit. Isabelle was weighed this morning, and was 3.56kg, a slight increase on her birth weight which is good news. She slept very well last night, two lots of about 3 to 4 hours. Might be due to some second-hand gin she got yesterday evening! We also registered the birth this morning so she's now officially Isabelle Caroline Granger, with her own birth certificates to prove it.

Tue 14th May 2002, 1:00pm

More photos are now on the website. Last night was a great improvement on the night before - Isabelle settled after feeding for an hour or two at a time, allowing us to get some sleep before she woke up again. Thanks everyone for you cards/emails/etc of congratulations - they are very welcome. At some point we might even get around to writing some thank-you letters!

Mon 13th May 2002, 4:30pm

Just a quick update - more photos to come tomorrow. We've decided on Isabelle as the spelling of her name; it's a bit 'prettier' than without the last 'le' I think. We've now all been back at home for 24 hours. It's great to have everyone at home, although it does mean that we both get sleepless nights now. She tends to feed every 2 hours or so, but woke up at 1am after a 3 hour nap too hungry to settle down and feed. It doesn't help that Caroline's milk has come in, so it's harder for Isabelle to latch on. We couldn't settle her down, and nothing we tried from the books we've got helped. This went on until about 6am when she, exhausted, finally went to sleep. Up again at 9am, and managed to feed for about a minute before she got too fustrated. We resorted to using a nipple shield - basically makes it a lot easier, but the danger is that they get used to it and then rely on you using it. Still it was great to see her feeding again.

The midwife then came around at about 1pm, and we said we've been having difficulties. Isabelle was ready for another feed, and managed no problems! Talk about knowing you've got an audience. Midwife leaves again, and she can't manage to start feeding again... No one ever said it would be easy! Since then we've been for a quick walk around using the baby carrier, and are planning another longer walk later this afternoon.

Sat 11th May 2002, 11:40am

Photos from Friday are now added!

Fri 10th May 2002, 8.30am

It's my pleasure to announce that Caroline gave birth to a lovely baby girl this morning, 1:30am UK time, named Isabel Caroline (spelling of Isabel to be approved...).

After contractions started late wednesday evening, they came more serious about 4am thursday morning keeping us awake from then on. During the day things progressed pretty slowly, although with the induction booked for friday we were happy things were happening at all. The midwife, Jo, came over at 11.30am for a checkup, and finally again at 9:30pm. By then the contractions were every 5 minutes and much more painful. We all went into the Rosie, arriving at around 10:30pm. By 11:30pm the waters broke, and by about 12:15am Caroline was about 7cm dilated. Not liking the effect of the entonox gas, she'd just been using the TENS machine (electronic stimulation of the back) until then. With the pain coming more frequently and much stronger she asked for an epidural, but was too far gone to be able to wait for it to be done.

So with lots of encouragement from Jo and myself, she started the second stage of labour (the bit where you push...). After much screaming the baby was now visible, and it was only a little while longer at 1:30am that she was born. A very unique experience, and one we won't forget for a while. She sniffled a bit on coming out, let out a bit of a cry, but generally was content to wave her arms and legs around and explore. After a little clean up and a chance for me to cut the cord, everything was over. She tried to feed for about an hour with varying success and incompitence (on all our parts), before becoming quite sleepy. Caroline had a quick bath, and we then transferred to the ward at around 4am.

Caroline coped really well, and Isabel seems completely perfect - the right number of arms and legs, etc. She weighed 7lb 12oz (3.52kg), her apgar scores were 8, 9 then 10. The 8 was mainly since her hands and feet took a while to go from blueish through white then to pink.