20 Week Scan

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Just got back into work after a morning spent at the Rosie, having the 20 week scan. I suppose from knowing what to expect it wasn't as exciting as the first scan, but as ever the doubts creep in - what ifs, etc. Thankfully, despite Caroline thinking that she's too small for 20 weeks, everything seems to be fine. The scan is basically a long check list of things to see, most of which you need to be a trained sonographer to spot I suspect.

After waiting a bit, we got in there to find that Caroline had got a slightly too full bladder, so was told to go to the toilet, which was a relief for her. (You have to have a fairly full bladder to reduce the air between the skin and the baby so the sound travels better). Cooperative as usual, the baby was sitting transverse with its legs tightly bunched up. The lady doing the scan was at her first day in this hospital, so wasn't too familiar with the equipment, but she had one of the other staff looking over her shoulder. This meant that most of the time they were muttering to themselves about what to do next rather than talking to us, which was a little fustrating.

Still, we got a good look at the baby, still there, still only one of them, but this time moving around quite a lot. They did most of the checks, looking at its body organs, arms, hands and fingers, head, etc. but decided that it was too difficuilt to do some of the checks the way it was lying; a quick 10 minute walk was required to try and make it move around. We did get another date measurement, which came out as 19 weeks 3 days, which is only 3 days less than it should be which is within the accuracy of the measurement.

So after a very cold walk around outside, we got back and had to wait our turn again. They were short staffed, so we got a good chance to catch up on a May issue of OK magazine... Eventually we were asked back in and they finished up fairly quickly. It now had its legs out straight, although crossed - at one point it was sitting cross legged, then moved back to just crossed at the ankles. They managed to check the waist circumference, and have a look at the legs, feet and toes and check the symmetry of inside the heart - all apparently fine. As we zoomed in to take some photos it decided to have a nice stretch; arms above head, head right back and stretch that back! Then back to normal lying around to pose for the two photos shown on this page. Click on the photos for larger versions.