14 Week Scan

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The 14 week scan happened on the 1st November 2001, and was pretty amazing. The image was very clear on the screen, and we were able to look all around the baby; showing the feet and toes, legs bent up, the spinal vertebrae, the heart beating, stomach and up to the arms and head. We saw the cross-section of the head and brain when they measured the diameter of the scull; 27.3mm which put us on 14 weeks and 2 days, which was exactly right. It moved once while we were watching; it's only really started to move, and will make movements able to be felt in another few weeks.

You can see in the picture that it's sucking its thumb with the far arm, you can see its spine (the line just above it's back) and where the heart is (a darker region in the chest). Its knees are bent up with the feet and toes visible to the right of the photo. All of this is a lot clearer at the time, with the image moving around so you see from all the different directions. Click on the image here to see a larger version.

The next scan will be at 20 weeks, and will last a bit longer as you can see more. Nothing out of the ordinary was spotted at this one, which is good news. We currently don't know what sex it is, and aren't planning to ask at the next scan. We've got a due date of the 29th April 2002, although a week or two either side is quite likely.