news - fifth month

Monday, 4th November 2002, 1pm

Quite a bit to report, since it's been a while since the last news. The first thing is that Isabelle has learnt how to roll over, and is now an accomplished roller - she's usually happied on her front now. On the 14th October (I think) she couldn't manage it - I'd put a toy just out of reach, but she couldn't work out that to roll from her back to her front she had to get the arm at the bottom out of the way. The next day I tried the same thing, and she did it straight away! (The trick is to bend your arm, if you haven't figured it out yet.) It does mean that we can't leave her anywhere now, apart from on the floor or in her cot.

The other big news the start of weaning, which started on the 19th October with a bit of baby rice and breast milk mixed together. She took to it really well, and can be quite keen (for keen, read that she doesn't keep her mouth open long enough to get the spoon in). We've also tried a bit of carrot and banana - she turned her nose up at the carrot but still ate quite a bit, and seems to like banana. She can't really handle it unless it's completely mashed up, but with only two teeth you can understand why.

Another first was this saturday when we went to Parkside swimming pool. We'd got a floating thing that she sits in, so up to mid chest in water, and a bit of support so she can lean forward. She was very interested in everything going on.

Wednesday, 25th September 2002, 2:30pm

Another set of photos is up from the last couple of weeks. Isabelle had her third set of vacinations yesterday - her last set until 14 months. She was fine about it, apart from an initial scream, and was in a really good mood all the rest of the day. That's an improvement on recently, since her first tooth is starting to come through her bottom gum, which was causing some problems. While she was at the doctors yesterday she was weighed, and came in at 7.07kg (15lbs 9oz), which is pretty much still between the 50% and 75% mark (ie she's heavier than about 60% of female babies her age) - the health visitors were very happy with her.