news - fourth month

Fri 13th September 2002, 8pm

We're now at the end of the first two weeks of term time, which means school for Caroline and nursery for Isabelle. Tim is taking her there in the mornings, Caroline pops in to feed her at lunch time and collects her at the end of the day. It seems to be working okay, and Isabelle is starting to get used to taking expressed milk from a bottle. She's getting really good at holding things, especially toys, clothes and fingers. Okay, her main aim is to put everything in her mouth or just dribble onto it, but I think that's normal. She's also getting much better on her front; she'll lift her head up using her arms and have a good look around. We've got a few possible dates for her baptism, which looks like it will be in November in Cambridge, but more details when we know when it will be.

Wed 28th August 2002, 11am

Some more photos from the last couple of weeks are now on the website. It was time for her second set of injections yesterday afternoon, and arriving at the doctors she was in a really good mood; smiling and giggling at the nurse. It soon changed with the first injection as she cried real tears - the nurse had to even give her a few minutes to calm down before the next one. She hasn't seemed to got a fever like last time, although she wasn't that happy for the rest of yesterday. Nursery is going well, she's proving a hit with the staff there.

Tue 13th August 2002, 8pm

Just a quick update; a few more photos are up.

Mon 12th August 2002, 11am

Isaballe and Caroline are now back from Birmingham, and starting the run up to the start of term. Big changes, since Isabelle will be starting at nursery; it will be hard since we're used to looking after her full time. In the last few weeks she's started to be able to use her hands; holding them together, holding toys - although usually dropping them fairly quickly... We also have heard two proper laughs, both at Caroline's dad. We went back to Addenbrooke's today, for the 3 month check in the study we're doing. They measured weight (6.32kg) and height (60.5cm), did a quick questionaire and tried to take some blood. That didn't go so well as the vein they tried to use wasn't large enough. Isabelle screamed a bit, but soon calmed down afterwards and has been asleep for the hour since then.