news - second and third month

Mon 29th July 2002, 5pm

Yet more photos have appeared, mainly covering a couple of days out in Cambridge with Caroline's relatives visiting. She and Isabelle are now in Birmingham with her parents for a couple of weeks, and apparently smiling at everyone and everything - and even laughing in the bath!

Tue 23rd July 2002, 4.15pm

Another set of photos is now on the website. These are mainly from Clare and John's wedding, and a few of Isabelle's first punting trip. Since then she's been punting again, this time with Caroline's parents - and it didn't rain then either! She's started to grow into some of the larger clothes that we've been given (photos to follow soon...) and she persuaded us that she did really want that pair of gap jeans that were in the sale! Isabelle and Caroline are heading back to Birmingham at the end of this week for a while, before returning for her next set of injections and the checkup for a medical study that we're involved in. She's getting some good vowel sounds in now, and starting to find tickling games fun - if she's in the right mood...

Tue 9th July 2002, 4.30pm

We've just got back from the Doctor's, after Isabelle's 6-8 week check and her first set of vacinations. The checkup was fine, and she's still on the completely average line for height (58cm) and weight (5.23kg, 11-8). The injections went okay; she screamed as they were being done, but quickly calmed down again afterwards. We were warned she might have a fever in the next day or two, so we'll wait and see how things turn out. In general she's getting much more chatty when she's playing, and smiling more. She's still going to bed at 2.30am, but at least she then sleeps until 8am or so.

Fri 28th June 2002, 5pm

A new set of photos is up here, showing Isabelle's second month. There are some photos of the sailing trip that Caroline and Tim went on, plus quite a few of Isabelle at home. She's now in her new cot, and sleeping as well in that as in anything else. She's now much harder to please; she likes to be really played with, sung to and smiled at, although she does really like looking at her mobile. Another trip into Caroline's school yesterday to meet Caroline's old class was a little hampered by both Caroline and Isabelle both being a bit unwell - both needed quite a bit of sleep to catch up.

Tue 18th June 2002, 8pm

Just back from a walk around town and a sneaky trip to the pub whilst Isabelle got some sleep. She's been awake most of the day, and really over-tired, so unable to sleep. The magic of the pushchair worked, so she's got some rest now. She generally goes to sleep at night at around 2am, but then sleeps for about 6 hours, a small feed, then sleeps for another hour or so. Not too bad considered how little she is... Then again, the health visitor came today, and she's now a healthy 4.65kg (10-4), maintaining about 28g increase per day, so we don't think she's still particularly little.