news - first month

Mon 10th June 2002, 1:45pm

It doesn't really seem like a month; either no time at all has passed since she arrived, or it's already been a lifetime. A new set of photos are up, mainly covering some the visits and visitors that Isabellle has had in the last couple of weeks. She's feeding well, but only sleeping okay on some nights. There are definite smiles now, and when she's awake she is very alert.

Fri 7th June 2002, 10:15am

We're now all back from a week spent at Caroline's parent's house in Birmingham. Lots of travelling and meeting new people (and a few new toys), but not too much sleep at night. Last night we got back around 11:30pm, and it then took about 3 hours for her to feed, play, be changed and finally feed some more before she fell asleep - but then made up for it by sleeping for about 7 hours. Very useful for recharging exhausted parents. The midwife made her final visit this morning and discharged us; we're now in the hands of the health visitor. Her weight at 4 weeks now is 4.27kg, or 9lb 6oz - have a look at her current weight gain chart.

Tue 28th May 2002, 12:45pm

We now have the third set of photos up here. These cover Isabelle settling in at home, a few more visitors and some of the flowers and cards that she's been sent.

Mon 27th May 2002, 1am

The webcam history is now working, with a couple of interesting sequences. We've also started a page of sound recordings, which is here. Not much else to report; she's started to grow out of a few of the smaller clothes she's got, and now has outfits in two different rowing club colours - both presents from people at those clubs (Kingston and Pembroke College).

Wed 22nd May 2002, 11:20am

Isabelle is doing well, and has managed to sleep around 5 or 6 hours the last two nights. It probably won't last, but at least we're managing to keep up with the sleep. She's feeding quite well in general, and was weighed on Monday and was 3.77kg (8-5). We had a visit from the health visitor yesterday - mainly form filling, but she seems very nice. We now have a webcam, or alternatively a cot cam. No guarantees whether it will be at all interesting, since the she's only usually in her cot at night, and it's dark then (and the computer isn't usually on...). I'll probably do a past history of interesting pictures at some point.